Your VIP invitation to join me in Cuba for Agricultura Cubana – January 2016

Join me in Cuba for Agricultura Cubana – January 2016

Discover Cuba’s Eco-Agricultural Revolution

An interactive tour for young farmers and food entrepreneurs

January 25th to February 1st, 2016.

We invite you to experience the heartbeat of Cuba – through gardens, farms and food. Urban agriculture, permaculture, herbs and healing, botanical gardens, organics, bio-diverse sustainable agriculture, fruits, fish, food processing, forage management, music and dance and of course exploring the caves of Cuba.

This experience is for passionate young entrepreneurs who care about food and want travel that is reflective of the culture and respectful of the future. Short in duration: it is designed for young families so they can arrange farm and childcare or an added holiday to stay and play on one of Cuba’s famous beaches. We have limited space and price is based on double occupancy.


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Cuba’s quest for an organic and sustainable agriculture began in earnest with the collapse of the Soviet Union in the late 1980’s. Faced with a looming food shortage due to the sudden loss of agro-chemical and food imports from the eastern block, the Cuban people were at a critical crossroads: somehow the country needed to produce far more of its own food with far fewer outside in-puts or face widespread starvation.

This crisis sent Cuba firmly down the path towards a widespread organic and localized food model. Massive educational campaigns and numerous demonstration farms were established to teach Cuban farmers organic methods. Comprehensive land reform measures were also set in place, transforming large state farms into worker-owned cooperatives and small independent family farms.

The urban agriculture movement emerged to provide thousands of Cubans with the opportunity to turn vacant urban lands into productive organic micro-farms. Cuba’s journey into an organic and sustainable agricultural paradigm continues today.

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Tens of thousands of scientists, researchers, agricultural technicians, agronomists, permaculture practioners and farmers across the country continue to pioneer new agro-ecological strategies for creating long-term food security.

This Program provides you with the opportunity to come face to face with these visionary Cuban farmers in a way that is not normally available to tourists. 

For  full details see the attached brochure: CUBA AG TOUR

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I look forward to sharing this journey with you!