“Three Times a Day” (all rights reserved)

Balanced, factual, visionary and inspirational stories on all aspects of global agriculture, food and food leadership. Customized for your group.

For  all audiences!

  • “Dynamic” “amazing”  “knowledgeable” “excellent” “wonderful”  “informed.”
  • “Spellbound”

“Grit and Grace: Women who Lead, Feed and Beautify our World” (all rights reserved)

Deeply committed to the empowerment of girls and women, I tell an honest, inspiring story from my international experiences with extraordinary women in a colorful, moving and authentic way.

  • “Thank you for changing my life.”
  • “Months later I am still thinking about what Brenda said!”

“Tapestry” (all rights reserved)

Weaving our lives with faith and courage.

Shot at, robbed, ripped off, hungry, tired and my location sometimes unknown I never have felt abandoned.  Abused, accused, alone and greatly misunderstood I was never without hope.  It was – a journey worth taking.

  • “A fascinating journey”
  • “Bold”

Building a Longer Table” (all rights reserved)

This is an excellent set of flexible presentations on diversity, food and community leadership or mentorship for all age groups and walks of life.

  • “Brenda takes the future leader to a new level”
  • “I never looked at myself this way before.”

Speaking Fees

Fees are inclusive of all costs and are based on keynote presentations in a variety of central global locations. Reduced quotes will be provided for multiple bookings with the same departure city.  Booking fees are required to hold your date and must be received 60 days prior to the event but are preferred 6 to 12 months in advance.  You must book your request through this website. After an agreement has been reached on a date and subject, an invoice for the booking fee will be sent.  The booking fee is deducted from the final invoice.  The balance owing is due the day of presentation or upon alternate arrangement.

Please contact Brenda for more details, to inquire in regards to other global locations or to inquire about availability,  alternate technology delivery and cost and your specific event needs.