Women in Agriculture – Reforming Global Food Systems

This is a beautiful graphic interpretation of my presentation entitled “Grit & Grace – women who lead, feed and beautify our world.”

Grit & Grace - women who lead, feed and beautify our world

Grit & Grace – women who lead, feed and beautify our world

Women do feed our world with the majority of the farms in many nations being run by women and the majority of all food processing (up to 99% in some areas) from the labor of women. What you wear and what you eat comes to you by these hands.

It is these hands we wish to empower to stand for their rights, their health, wealth, religious freedom, education and security of person – wherever they are and whatever their age or background. If we are to liberate the world from the uncertainty of food, women need the right to own land, have access to credit and water, own seed, fertilizer, equipment and maintain control over the storage and sale of their production.

The true reformation of agriculture is cultural in nature – a globally unified morality built on acceptance, permission, encouragement, empowerment and political and structural support.

Even in the smallest crack in the earth – a tiny seed grows when showered with literacy and it is this ability, particularly in financial literacy that has the power to liberate females from the weeds of poverty and transform their lives.

Natural leaders in their communities, women beautify our world with their grace and lead with both quiet and bold grit and strength. To truly root the world in gender equality, all people from all nations must stand up for the excellence of the women and girls who grow our food. Only then will we feed our world.



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