We Share the Same Earth and the Same Sky

“Although we are many miles apart – we share the same earth and the same sky.” (Schoepp, 2012) Indeed, we do share the same earth and sky and will continue to share that earth and sky in the future. I had often wondered: how will we navigate such a profound, mysterious journey? And where does this journey take us?

Most certainly the completion of my MA Global Leadership has been a great journey for me. The coming into the unknown and the steep learning curves were expected. What continues to fill my soul are the tightly woven relationships – even though we are indeed many miles apart.

To be truthful, when I began my MA I was tired and impatient with 40 years of what I deemed moderate success in my sector of agriculture and food and I wanted to look at applying myself differently. I had expressed this in an elective class which happened to be largely of military personal, some of whom were to be deployed. There was silence. And then this comment: “Brenda; we cannot do what we do without food. We cannot have peace. We cannot have democracy. We cannot be effective or successful – without food. What you do is important. Think again!”

And so I did – and this allowed for me to regain my composure and look at an old friend with a new lens.

There is an African proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” which remains foundational in my leadership journey. I appreciate that one does not lead from behind, or from the front, but as my participants reminded me, the fulfillment of leading was achieved in leading with someone, walking beside them and the ability to be into their shoes. It is about the empowerment and the inspiration of others.

We do share the same earth and the same sky and to fully appreciate our journey and the pathway for others we must consistently be willing to ask, to stand for the excellence of each other and to recognize that what we do is important. Through this we open ourselves to transformation, humility, vulnerability, to understanding , acceptance and ultimately to change. Regardless of the path, our wealth resides in our relationships and those that ask us what we need and support us on our journey.

Grandma goes to grad school…the end.

Grandma went to grad school, she’s a whole lot older than me.

She’s older than our antique tractor, made in ’63.

So, I told Grandma I was writing about her, for my language arts

She asked why I would do that when others are so smart.

Because Grandma, it was YOU that went to grad school

It’s so plain that you can’t see – I’m a girl and you have become an inspiration to me.

Grandma cried when I told her and that’s OK – she earned her new degree  

Even though she’s older than our antique tractor, made is ’63.

This fun little poem is a reflection of a phone call I had with one of my granddaughters.  I was deeply moved by the heart of the conversation.  And since this Grandma is finished grad school, I thought I would share the story.  For to me it was a long journey but to her it was a path of light.

And we are reminded once again that our everyday lives can and are an inspiration to others.  It is important to use our days wisely and fill that space with light and love, with universal compassion and the absolute belief that all things are possible as we share the same earth and same sky.