The Power of a Shoebox

How much love can you pack into a shoebox? Boundless, endless love.

There are children whom do not know Christmas or love or belonging. They may live in poverty, be on the run, face abuse or be confined. They may be illiterate or lost, weary or sick. They may belong to others but they also belong to our global family. What is it that we can do for the children of the world to bring a little light, a little hope or a little love into their lives?

The answer can be packed into a simple shoebox. It is time at our Canadian home for Operation Christmas Child and we are busy cramming shoeboxes with gifts for children around the world. Since 1990 over 100 million shoeboxes have been distributed to children – almost everywhere and they traveled to their final destination by plane, canoe, farm truck, donkey or backpack. The little gift brings not only hope but the restoration of a sense of worth and a chance to enjoy a gift that would otherwise be unattainable. For impoverished moms and dads it allows for a shared joy.

How much love can you pack in a box? Boundless, endless love because you cared, because a child may feel empowered or have a restored sense of self-worth. Boundless, endless love because a child may rethink the dark side of humanity and feel compelled to make a difference – all because of your generosity. Think of yourself and how an unexpected gift lifted you up. Think about others and appreciate that regardless of our walk of life, to someone, somewhere – you are a symbol of hope. You have a higher purpose.

If you are reading this and have sent a shoebox for boys and girls at Christmas – thank you. If you are reading this and have received a shoebox – then you are invited to share that experience with us.

Now it is time for me to get packing – my shoebox that is – along with a note of inspiration to warm the heart of a child and let them know they are important persons. Get your tips at for packing and where to drop your shoe box off in Canada at

Together we make a difference!


If you have ever received a shoebox gift please share that story with us.

If you have ever received a shoebox gift please share that story with us.