Singing for JOY

Finding Our Voice

Fourteen months ago I had not sung a note and quite fearfully joined a soul choir.  It was tough at first, finding my groove and my voice. It had been silent for so long. I quickly discovered that singing in the choir was not about me – it was about us – all of us.  What sets us apart is our unique selves. What brings us together is our joy in singing.  We are responsible for the success of each other and we work hard as a team to get it right and we have a great leader who cultivates the spirit in the music. 

Independently we may or may not have stellar voices but together we are a wave of beautiful energy.  Alone we may not have the confidence to sing but together we are a force of unstoppable melodies.

All that is Possible

The choir is a good analogy for the possible in families and communities.  Alone we bring individual talents and together we create a mass of humanity that is focused on one goal.  For the choir it is to sing with joy in perfect harmony.  For a community it is to work together with joy in perfect harmony.

This takes fearsome dedication and practise. The song is not complete without each part.  Our families and communities cannot and will not harmonize unless there is a dedication to service, to practise and a willingness to stand for the excellence of each other.

Leadership Defined

It takes a common vision or goal to know what is expected of a team or a community.  As a choir we cannot practise unless we are exposed to the song.  In a family we cannot work toward accord unless we have an idea of what our family values are.  A community is scattered and even broken unless there is a clear vision that folks can participate in – regardless of their part.

Leadership is a willingness to intently listen to all the voices and to bring them together in harmony. It is not a singular focus on the rock star in the group but a transparent style that communicates a vision that everyone can understand.   The leader cares through thoughtful appreciation of the diversity in humankind and joyfully leads with courage and kindness.  Only then – are all inspired to sing.

Brenda Schoepp

All rights reserved. 2020

On Feb 21 we sing for JOY.