The Scholar Becomes the Student

Royal Roads University

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

I open the door to the possible, aware that I will not change the world but in full appreciation and hope that the world will continue to change me. And this time I will be the student.

As I prepare in a few weeks to start my Master of Arts in Global Leadership, I am overwhelmed by the support of those that brought me here. My children who are excited and proud that mom is going to get the education that she always dreamed of. The friends and supporters never pretended to understand the drive but always cheered me along and my colleagues who put time into coaching me through the process. On behalf of all of them I celebrate my acceptance.  

Getting here has not been easy. Life has been challenging, inspiring and mysterious. There were times, especially during my extensive travel that I felt tired and alone. But yesterday was foundational in today. If you are a scholar in the middle of your travel right now, or a soldier on duty, a parent or student working away and you feel tired, lonely and anxious to get home I want you to remember this: all that you do leads to some unforeseen great opportunity. All that you do is a symbol of hope for others who are watching or waiting for you. Most importantly, you are not in this alone and when you get to that place of acceptance and when you are ready – the teacher will appear.