Rural Farmers Honor City Fields

While it is true that city fields will not feed the whole of the population, they contribute to a colourful and healthy life for us all. Agriculture is the cultivation of plants, animals, fungi and other forms to sustain life. It has also been called the science, art and business of producing crops by cultivating soil or raising animals. Science, art and business — is that not beautiful? 

A recent study indicates that in most Canadian cities up to 44 per cent of people grow a little something to eat. It could be as simple as a pot of parsley or a row of carrots among the carnations but there is always something growing. It may be that mankind was born to plant seeds and feed animals, or it could be that there is something spiritual and miraculous about plant and animal life. Either way, urban agriculture, although small in stature has woven its way into the very fabric of the majority of the lives here on Earth.

Agriculture is from the earth and for the earth. It is farming without the restraint of border, class, location, income, culture or politics. It is the greatest freedom known to man. No wonder our city friends are so excited about meeting farmers and learning about farming. How else will they grow their lovely, green and edible city?