Beth’s Voice

BETH (Brenda’s Equine Therapy and Hospice) was inspired by my best friend Beth Smith.  She was a kind and spirited individual who gave unconditionally to those around her.  At Beth’s Voice we take abused and abandoned horses and formally adopt them to give them love and a new life.

My own horse, Buck, is featured with me here at 27 years old and we worked together every day until 2016.  All the children learned to ride on “the gentlemen” and he is the supervisor of the stock on our farm.  He never intimidates a new rescue horse and seems to understand that they need his support.

Featured Horse – Treasure

Treasure came to us from a barn fire in Ontario.  After the careful care of Linda Martin, he was again able to walk. The damage from the fire was deep  and he lost a third capacity in each lung, the hair on his face and spots on his body where he was severely burned.  He had many health issues over the next three years.

Treasure is so proud to be alive!  He loves his special shoes designed for him by Danny Ruzicka and Jodi’s healing touch from Broken Spur Equine Therapy.  After a careful training over two years, Treasure went from fatigued and frightened to ready and willing.  He is a strong fellow and the resident ladies horse.  He may look different but his spirit is amazing.  In July of 2012 Treasure shattered all illusions of handicap by carrying a novice rider for three days in the Rocky Mountains.


Doc does not see or walk too well but he loves to cuddle with wheelchair visitors and children.  He is so gentle that he once had 12 children under seven years old brushing him at once!  Everyone loves Doc and he is the first horse we introduce to folks new to horses.  Doc prefers to live a quiet life and asks for so little.  We choke up when we think of his unconditional giving.


Will was lying in a heap the first time I saw him.  He was beautiful to me and I asked for him.  Now he is strong and healthy and runs with a mustang attitude.  Will has many fears but his gently eye portrays the depths of his soul. This year Will begins training as one of our main ranch horses.  He can do it!