I am just one small voice

Only one small voice

I am profoundly worried about my friends and their families in Australia, Tasmania and the surrounding islands.  I can’t see what they see, smell what they smell or feel what they feel as their lives are scorched and cloaked in smoke.  I cannot fathom their loss or heartbreak, their uncertainty or fear for this day and the days ahead.  I can only humbly stand upon the path and hold them in my heart.

Nor can I feel the pulse of unrest in war torn countries and those on the brink of upheaval or relate to the hate and drive for power that brings this on.  I am not the mother of a lost a child or feel the despair of a family without a home that has only one hope as they run toward safety and eventually peace.  

I sit safely in my home.  It is not washed away by waves or a decreased to a pile of rubble after an earthquake even though I have global friends facing this today.  I have never experienced being cast out, suffering from hunger or homelessness nor have I been persecuted for my beliefs.  I am not less because of my gender, income or nationality and my world is one of opportunity.

All Equally Worthy

Today I have it all… but I sit quiet and small gazing out the window and watching the gentle rain.. a heavenly gift.. while I question why I should have these blessings – rain, food, shelter, peace, prosperity, healthy family, freedom, liberty and certainty – when others do not.  We are all equally worthy. 

My thoughts drift and in them I hear only one small voice.

That voice is softly saying that if you are lonely, scared, persecuted, broke, broken, hungry, angry or homeless today … I care.  I care for you as my global brother or sister because without you there would be less light and joy in this world.  I care because without you life would be an empty void – a lifeless echo of meaningless chatter.  I care because we share the same earth and the same sky.

Leadership Defined

Leadership is the art of profound listening and caring.  It does not run from the reality of the day nor does it oppress one to gain a hold of another.  Leaders scorch their fingers in the fire and clear rubble. They see all as equal and free while respectfully listening to the small voices for they know that conversation nurtures change, peace, security and global compassion. 

As my daughter and I closed the year with a discussion on global affairs we spoke of bringing light, love and joy to our families and our communities as a starting point.  For even with one small voice, we have the power to reach our local and global family and to let them know that we are listening and that we care.