Globe Trot [sept 14]

“I am excited about what I do every day.”

Olive trees, vineyards, canola and kangaroos. The beautiful land between Euchua and Ruthervlen, Australia, along the Murray River, has a definite Mediterranean flair. Highly productive, the area not only grows great crops that vary between vegetables, potatoes, livestock and seed, but the value-added industry is abundant as well.

Young farmers are fully engaged in direct export and travel to see clients often. And they love it. In the words of fellow scholar Bryce, “I am excited about what I do every day.”

Australia heavily invests in research and development, and rural education. At a parliamentary dinner last night, one politician acknowledged that “it has been research and development that has kept Australia profitable.” An extensive educational network in this country that is sixty percent pastoral lands keeps folks connected, and builds a total education-based economy as well. I will be working with rural leaders and industry organizations in Australia as they are strongly supportive of my project.

Next stop is India and I remain excited about what I do every day.