Our Global Family is a Part of Our Story

Sometimes we go through a bit of a valley when on the road of life. Most certainly as Nuffield scholars we have experienced moments when we just wish for home or find things changed when we get there. It is all a journey and during this past summer as I struggled in my own circumstance, I would catch myself drowning in doubt or lacking in courage.  

This week I received a message from a friend who reminded me that my global family loves me and that the many friends I have around the world care. I thought about this deeply. It was an especially profound message coming from a talented young man who had just experienced death in his precious family.

As I dressed for the evening, I took note that I was meeting two scholars from Australia for dinner. I recalled that that very day I had lunch with a man from BC and coffee with a lady from New Brunswick and the news of a baby girl from a friend in Arizona. That very same day I received a note from friends in Europe, answered an invitation to go to Argentina, opened an agenda for a conference in the UK and received a meeting notice for Brazil. In reflection, I recalled that I had a wrapped a gift for a young grieving woman in Saskatchewan, was asked by two national companies to come on board, reviewed the latest agricultural initiative of a friend in India and felt a longing to see a girlfriend in New Zealand. And during that time I was privilege to hugs and handshakes from friends across Canada.

Our global family is a part of our story.

Our global family is a part of our story.

Surrounded by new talent I was transformed in the realm of the possible and felt the thrill of knowing that someone younger than I was going to do a much better job. No longer in the dark – I was now drawn to the dawn – that time of day when everything is bright and fresh and new.  

Certainly there are times when we find ourselves short on renewal, but it is like opportunity – always surrounding us – waiting for permission to push into our lives. If you are traveled out, overworked, sick or drowning in doubt – stop and take a moment to reflect on the people in your life. These are vibrant souls who are counting on you to be in their story, to come home again, to heal, to love them, to lead them, to listen and to be a lifelong friend.  

Our global family is all of those whom we know, love or touch in some way. Remembering that they care honours the role they play in our story. Thanking them reminds us we are not alone.  

Thank you to my global family – for your love and care. I am blessed that you are part of my story.