Entrepreneur Exchange

Green Hectares hosted an Entrepreneur Exchange at Northlands on February 1-2, 2013.  I was a panelist on Saturday afternoon, along with Robert Dixon and Scott Montgomery.  This was a great opportunity to listen to entrepreneurs pitch their companies and to give helpful feedback. In the four hours of exchange, the panelists recommended 70 contacts (including Bella Spur Innovative Media Inc.) and provided 203 solid business ideas to Albertans who had both vision and the desire to succeed. What an exciting time for both the panelists and the businesses to interact in a positive and motivating environment! As a professional mentor to young businesses in Canada and England, I found it gratifying to hear the pitch and to listen to the sage advice of the other panelists.   Together we are stronger! Keep your eyes on the Green for future exchanges!

Green Hectares' Entrepreneur Exchange

In photo: Panelists (Dragons) Robert Dixon, Brenda Schoepp,
Chelsea Geiger (coordinator) and Scott Montgomery

“I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to meet with you on Saturday, and for your valuable insight and advice.” -Entrepreneur

“Thank you for wisdom and thoughtful insight at the Entrepreneur Exchange. I have no words to describe how impacted I was.” -Entrepreneur