The Weight of our Words

The Weight of Our Words

Speaking with my five year old granddaughter is a journey in itself.  She informed me that you don’t need toilet paper to survive, you need healthy food to survive.  She said the C virus cannot stand healthy food and then went on to list what I should and should not eat! 

It is obvious that her mother has given her the correct message and rather than deal with a crisis with fear, the children are being told what they can do to ensure their health.  The words we use are important.

In our busy lives I am sure there have been times when the words we used had an unintended consequence.  Without thinking we often sharpen the edge in our voice or use those phrases that are hurtful, confusing or damaging. Even the most eloquent of speakers has cried with anguish when the words just did not come out right.

The words themselves and their tone may come from a place of fear or judgment or simple exhaustion.  Taking time to be centred is important but this is really a time of compassion.  We cannot know the lives of others a block, kilometer or world away.  We cannot know what they do and do not have and we most certainly are not able to determine their solutions, which they must find within their own homes and communities.  Appreciating this helps to curb sweeping statements that cover humanity with our individual lens.

For those of us in first world countries, we may at times, be blinded by our privilege. We have high expectations but have trouble comprehending that this is a global challenge and that it will take global energy and solidarity to overcome.  Problems that are often a world away are now at the door and this is a new reality.  Taking a moment to simply accept this gives our brains a chance to reroute the wording. 

From the Mouths of Babes

How each of us react today has an impact on those around us for the rest of their lives. My little granddaughter has been given truth, tools and she is finding her own solutions.  She is being equipped to manage challenge throughout her life. 

In her own words from a pervious conversation: ”I’m not going to die, I’m going to get borned. Getting borned is a lot more fun.”

And there you have it.  How can one use this time for rebirth, reconnection and to bring true appreciation and joy back into our lives?

Leadership Defined:

Leaders live in the realm of truth. To do this requires intensive investigation, exposure to brutal realities, a microscopic sifting of information and the parking of their own bias and fears. Leaders should carefully consider the weight of their words, who is listening and the manner in which they are delivered. 

Nature is a radical equalizer and more powerful than all human conflict combined.  This great Mother has established the environment in which we live and we, as leaders, must determine how we function within it.  Will we vocalize with threats, fear, taunting or outright denial? Or will we lead with intensive listening, knowing, compassion and carefully chosen language?

“We share the same earth and the same sky.” The words we choose have impact. Which ones will you own?

Brenda Lee Schoepp

All Rights Reserved  2020