One of my greatest passions is helping people become successful. It has been a great opportunity to work with many companies and individuals that grow, process, present or sell food and their related products. In addition to mentoring and providing guidance in vision and mission, we train individuals and teams as well as provide professional facilitation. Empowering people, especially young entrepreneurs at home and around the world.

Aaron & Chelsea Cunningham, Double N Ranch

Aaron and Chelsea are like lightning rods that channel great energy but remain firmly grounded. They bring a different, fresh and exciting view to the table and have no fear in challenging me! As part of my extended business family I look with great anticipation to their future accomplishments.

"Our involvement with Brenda came at a time that we were at a proverbial "Fork in the Road". Having Brenda come alongside and not only ask the right questions at the right times but call a spade a spade has been extremely valuable. When it comes to Agriculture, our business {Read more..}

Laura Laing, Diamond 7 Ranch

Laura wears many hats and her position as GM of a heritage ranch in Alberta can be challenging.  She always works with her heart and soul, is a quick study and exceptionally creative. I admire her for the woman she is and am proud of her accomplishments.

"I first met Brenda at a conference/workshop in Olds, Alberta. Brenda was a keynote speaker and brought such insight and passion to the room when it came to agriculture and market insights that I knew we needed to connect. Brenda is not only a consultant but a true mentor and friend {Read more..}

Graeme & Heather Finn, Southern Cross Livestock

Heather and Graeme are industry dynamos who spark imagination and creative thought.  They are industry leaders with endless energy, hospitality and innovative ideas.  I am honored to be part of their planning and to be called a friend.

"My wife and I run a grass yearling back grounding and a cow calf operation in the foothills of Alberta. Over the last several years we have got to know Brenda firstly on a professional level and this has grown to be a lasting friendship between us as well. We {Read more..}

Jeff Braisher, Kingsclere Ranch

Jeff was my mentee under the Cattlemen’s Young Leaders program. He has talent and drive, principle and polish and together we grew a dream.  I was honored to be asked to his mentor and am thrilled for his accomplishments.

“Brenda is smart, highly perceptive, well connected and takes the time to really understand who you are as a person. Her candid approach has always spurred my thinking and often forced me to rethink or go deeper into the hypothesis at hand. Connecting with people throughout the industry has been {Read more..}

Matt & Rhonda Tees

Matt and Rhonda Tees have exemplary business discipline and are living proof that you can live your dream. Rhonda is busy with five children while being as smart a businesswomen as you will find. Matt has the mind of an economist and he is a popular writer with BEEFLINK. They {Read more..}

"Brenda applies her experience and skills to encourage young entrepreneurs to think in broader terms about their lives and businesses. By urging young people to develop unconventional ideas she helps them gain the self confidence to become innovators in their industries. As a mentor Brenda focuses not only on the {Read more..}