Graeme & Heather Finn, Southern Cross Livestock

Heather and Graeme are industry dynamos who spark imagination and creative thought.  They are industry leaders with endless energy, hospitality and innovative ideas.  I am honored to be part of their planning and to be called a friend.

"My wife and I run a grass yearling back grounding and a cow calf operation in the foothills of Alberta. Over the last several years we have got to know Brenda firstly on a professional level and this has grown to be a lasting friendship between us as well. We do not feel that are in the cattle business alone and I call on Brenda anytime of day for sound advice and together we are growing our operation and looking outside the box in how we market the livestock. I think that we all need people like Brenda in our tool box of people to help make us more adapt and successful in our business of ranching. Within her circle we have a huge pool of like-minded people that we can get advice, opinions and information from to help each other improve our lives and operations and within this group we also have made some good friends. This is not an easy business to read and with Brenda and the BEEFLINK group it has helped everyone on their way to be successful." -Graeme & Heather Finn, Southern Cross Livestock, Crossfield AB