Matt & Rhonda Tees

Matt and Rhonda Tees have exemplary business discipline and are living proof that you can live your dream. Rhonda is busy with five children while being as smart a businesswomen as you will find. Matt has the mind of an economist and he is a popular writer with BEEFLINK. They are the reflection of the future – smart, candid and committed.

"Brenda applies her experience and skills to encourage young entrepreneurs to think in broader terms about their lives and businesses. By urging young people to develop unconventional ideas she helps them gain the self confidence to become innovators in their industries. As a mentor Brenda focuses not only on the business success of young people but also helps them address their personal challenges that would over time limit their success. While maintaining strict confidence Brenda works with businesspeople to create an systematic approach to achieving the goals they set. I am pleased to consider Brenda a mentor and a friend." - Matt Tees