Laura Laing, Diamond 7 Ranch

Laura wears many hats and her position as GM of a heritage ranch in Alberta can be challenging.  She always works with her heart and soul, is a quick study and exceptionally creative. I admire her for the woman she is and am proud of her accomplishments.

"I first met Brenda at a conference/workshop in Olds, Alberta. Brenda was a keynote speaker and brought such insight and passion to the room when it came to agriculture and market insights that I knew we needed to connect. Brenda is not only a consultant but a true mentor and friend who not only has taught me a great deal but challenged me as well. She sets a high standard for women in agriculture who are making a difference. In addition to her mentorship, her connections within the industry are exceptional and one of the supportive elements to the recent growth and success of our business." -Laura Laing, General Manager, Diamond 7 Ranch