Jeff Braisher, Kingsclere Ranch

Jeff was my mentee under the Cattlemen's Young Leaders program. He has talent and drive, principle and polish and together we grew a dream.  I was honored to be asked to his mentor and am thrilled for his accomplishments.

“Brenda is smart, highly perceptive, well connected and takes the time to really understand who you are as a person. Her candid approach has always spurred my thinking and often forced me to rethink or go deeper into the hypothesis at hand. Connecting with people throughout the industry has been critical to our businesses moving forward and thriving. Brenda has been essential to guiding me towards who is doing what, and often facilitating an introduction or conversation. When we started down the path of mentorship, she would often ask me the necessary questions to get me thinking about what I was trying to do and why. This was something critical for me at the time, which was not even on my radar. She started me thinking about what I was focusing on and then aiding to clarify my vision. At the end of the day, business is about the people involved, Brenda firmly understands this and emphasizes its importance. Brenda is a huge asset to the industry that we are fortunate to have.”   -Jeff Braisher